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Update your copy of the game to version 1.6.1!

Please do not apply this patch manually to Steam edition of the game. It already contains the latest version.

Download the patch below:

Fast download links

Local link (slow)

What's new in this update:

  • Two additional Dangerous Drives levels: "Power Plant Repair" and "Commercial Shooting"
  • One additional Competition level: "Bonus 4"

Update history:


  • Two additional Dangerous Drives levels: "Mandatory Break" and "Construction Site"


  • Extension of the "Deliveries" level.
  • Online leaderboards are visible even to local-only driver profiles.
  • Modding: Command line parameter -pure disables mods and console for easy switching between modded and online game.
  • Fixed slowdown in SLI AFR2 mode.


  • Two additional Dangerous Drives levels: "Leave the Port!" and "Yacht Launch".
  • Fixed visibility of the 50th secret.
  • It is now possible to change rendering distance for mirrors.
  • Radio volume is affected by master volume control.
  • Modding: Speed limiter limit can be changed in game data.
  • Fixed handling of slider axes on some controllers.


  • Fixed Lithuanian translation.


  • Two additional Dangerous Drives levels: "Fertilizer" and "Roadworks".
  • Improved performance.
  • Ability to select and configure up to three controllers in game.
  • Fixed compatibility with some sound cards.
  • Various AI tweaks.


  • Two additional Dangerous Drives levels: "Backstreet" and "High in the Sky."
  • Improved perfomance in the Scania: DemoCentre level.
  • Additional type of automatic gearbox which does not flip brake and accelerator pedals during reverse movement.
  • Fixed HUD mirrors and look presets for UK vehicles.
  • Fixed crash when using controller which does not provide X and Y axes.
  • Fixed waiting times on gas stations
  • Better TV camera placement on several Driver Competition challenges
  • Numerous touches to all maps in the game to address visual glitches.