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How to add your favorite online radio to the game

Open the file Documents\SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator\live_streams.sii in your favorite text editor. You may write as many radios streams as you want into this file - see following steps.

For each radio you want to add, add new line with the following format:

 stream_data[]: "RADIO_URL|RADIO_NAME"

The line describing the radio stream has to be properly formatted. Replace RADIO_URL with the URL of the radio stream. Replace RADIO_NAME with the radio name you want to see in the game. Remember to keep proper formatting and the "|" character separating the radio URL and name.

Example live_streams.sii file

live_stream_def : .live_streams {
    stream_data[]: "|My Favourite Radio"
    stream_data[]: "|Another Radio"

Supported streams

The game supports all MP3-type streams (except MMS). If you have proper codec installed you may be able to listen to many other stream formats.