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Workaround for Mac OS X version problems

We have received reports of the game freezing shortly after launch. We have been able to reproduce the problem fortunately. It looks like a particular combination of Apple hardware and drivers in Mac OS X can cause stalls in the graphics card drivers.

We have a fix for the problem ready for release, but we will have to wait for Apple to QA a new version submission before it can appear on Mac App Store. Please have patience, we hope Apple will expedite the submission procedure.

In the meantime, there is a workaround. It's a bit technical - it requires locating a particular game configuration file, and editing a value in it which would switch off relatively unimportant graphics feature causing the stalls.

If you are into a technical adventure, the file in question to find is "config.cfg". As Apple has introduced the concept of sand-boxing for the apps on Mac OS recently, it made it complicated for non-technical users to access application data. The data are stored in "containers" which are normally too hidden from plain sight. Here is the procedure...

Start a new Finder window, and navigate to your Library folder; to do so, you must open the "Go" menu, press and hold the Alt / Option key, and select the "Library" item. (Note that the "Library" item will not be shown unless you will hold the Alt / Option key.)

  • Inside your Library folder, navigate into the "Containers" subfolder.
  • Inside the Containers folder, navigate into the "com.scssoft.scania" subfolder.
  • Then navigate into the "Data" subfolder.
  • Then navigate into the "Library" subfolder.
  • Then navigate into the "Application Support" subfolder.
  • Finally, navigate into "Scania Truck Driving Simulator"
  • Inside, finally you should locate the "config.cfg" file.

(In summary - the file is on this path: ~/Library/Containers/com.scssoft.scania/Data/Library/Application Support/Scania Truck Driving Simulator/config.cfg)

The config.cfg file is in fact a plain text file, there is no special application needed to edit it. Use "Open With" context menu in Finder and choose the "Text Edit" application to edit the "config.cfg" file.

Inside the file, just one line needs to have a value changed for a variable, it's roughly half-way through the text:

uset r_no_frame_tracking "0"

must be changed into:

uset r_no_frame_tracking "1"

After you save the file and start the game, it will not query some information from the graphics driver any more, and this should prevent the hangs.

Thank you for your patience.

SCS Software Tech Support